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Hills Galvanised Wire

Hills Galvanised Wire

Item Code:              100527
Product Code:       FD900014

The Hills Galvanised Wire FD900014 is designed to replace your existing Hills Rotary Clothes Hoist unit’s worn out/broken drying lines.

Designed for Hills fixed-head rotary clothes hoists but is also suitable for use with any fixed-head rotary clothesline models from other manufacturers.

Made of premium-grade, galvanised steel wire that can easily outlast any polycord drying line out on the market with minimal sagging.

Compatible with the following clothesline models:

Fixed-head rotary clothes hoists

What’s Included in the Pack:

Galvanised Steel Wire

Instruction Manual


Please refer to the included installation guide before use.

The Hills Galvanised Wire is subject to Hills T&C’s


Brand:                       Hills

Type:                         Replacement Steel Wire

Compatible With:   Fixed Head Rotary Clothes Hoist

Material:                   Galvanised Steel Wire

Length:                       54m

Diameter:                  3.5mm

Warranty:                 12 Months