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Hills Heritage Accessory Pack

Hills Heritage Accessory Pack 

Item Code:              300324
Product Code:        FD901152

The Hills Heritage Accessory Pack FD901152 is a Genuine Hills replacement product that is suitable for Hills Rotary Hoist Clotheslines.

This replacement accessory pack ensures the proper functioning of your Hills Clothes Hoist's top assembly for years to come.

Compatible with the following clothesline models:

Heritage 4 Hoist (8 bolts only)

Heritage 5 Hoist (8 bolts only)

What’s Included in the Pack:

4 X Arm Stay Bracket

4 X Arm End Cap

4 X Nylon Nut M5

4 X Nylon Nut M6

4 x Screw RHMT M5 x 35mm

4 x Screw RHMT M6 x 16mm

4 x Screw RHMT M6 x 45mm

1 x Screw RHMT M6 x 60mm

1 X Top Cap - Upper

1 X Top Cap – Lower

Instruction Manual


Instruction manual is included upon purchase.

You can also refer to the instruction guide on how to do the replacement process by clicking here: Hills Heritage Accessory Pack Instruction Guide

Manufactured by Australia’s most trusted brand, the Hills Heritage Accessory Pack Warranty is subject to Hills T&C’s.


Brand:                       Hills

Type:                         Replacement Accessory Pack

Compatible With:   Rotary Hoist Clotheslines

Material:                   Aluminium

Colour:                      Black

Warranty:                 12 Months

Installation instructions for the Heritage Accessory Pack can be found here: Hills Heritage Accessory Pack Instruction Guide