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Hills Large Fold Down Double Wall Bracket

Pebble Beach
Midnight Sky
Side Required

The Wall Bracket is suitable for the following Clotheslines

- Supafold Series 3 Duo
- Large Double Folding

These are available in left and right handed, you can determine the side you require when looking at the clothesline front on.

Material: UV resistant plastic and rust resistant powder coated

Colour: Pebble Beach, Midnight Sky and Basalt

Suits - Large Double Folding Clothesline (select the side you require)

Item Code:

Pebble Beach - 100598, 300326

Midnight Sky -  300329, 300328

Basalt - 100795, 100796

Product Code: 

Pebble Beach - LH-FD901163, RH-FD901164

Midnight Sky - FD901168, FD901167