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Hills Latch Spring Replacement Pack

Hills Latch Spring Replacement Pack 

Item Code:              100573
Product Code:        FD90025

The Hills Latch Spring Replacement Pack FD90025 is a genuine Hills Rotary Clothes Hoist spare part and will fit any rotary clothesline model made by most brands.

Made of hard drawn mechanical wire and zinc plated for rust protection, this component will ensure the proper functioning of your Hills rotary hoist for years to come.

Compatible with the following clothesline models:

Everyday Rotary 6

Everyday Rotary 7

Everyday Rotary 8

NOTE: This can also be compatible with rotary hoist clotheslines from most brands.

What’s Included in the Pack:

2 x Latch Springs

Instruction Manual


Please refer to the included instruction manual for proper installation of this accessory.

The NEW Hills Latch Spring Replacement Pack Warranty is subject to Hills T&C’s.


Brand:                       Hills

Type:                         Replacement Latch Springs

Compatible With:   Rotary Hoist Clotheslines

Material:                   Hard Drawn Zinc Plated Mechanical Wire

Warranty:                12 Months