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Hills Rotary Ground Socket

Hills Rotary Ground Socket 

Item Code:              100635
Product Code:        FD903532

The Hills Rotary Ground Socket FD903532 is compatible with all Hills Folding Rotary clotheslines with 57mm diameter main standard.

It comes supplied with replacement locking collar to guarantee stability of the clothesline.

A debris cap is also included to keep objects from falling into the socket as well as three spacers to adjust clothesline height as needed.

Compatible with the following clothesline models:

Everyday 37

Everyday 47

Hills Rotary 6

Hills Rotary 7

Hills Rotary 8

NOTE: The ground socket is compatible with clothesline models that are manufactured after 1986.

This is not suitable for clotheslines with green metal handle casing or those manufactured between 1975 to 1985.

What’s Included in the Pack:

Ground Socket Assembly

Locking Collar

Debris Cap (Cover Hole)

3 x Ground Spacers

Instruction Manual


Please refer to the included Ground Socket Installation Guide for proper installation of this accessory.

The NEW Hills Rotary Ground Socket Warranty is subject to Hills T&C’s.


Brand:                       Hills

Type:                         Replacement Ground Socket Assembly

Compatible With:   Folding Rotary Clotheslines

Material:                   High Quality Polypropylene

Colour:                      Grey

Total Length:             500mm

Warranty:                 12 Months

The installation instructions can be found by clicking this link: Ground Socket Installation Guide

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